D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 6

Explor level 2 of dungeon
Fight dark dwarves who were worshiping to a squid like god
Wearing amulets and rings with trident like symbol
Found a room with a glowing orange glow. The mortar between stones glows orange
Each brick has runes and names painted on them in a glowing orange substance. On one brick is written “Morgan & Gawen Redwall”
Next we find a room with 3 grates in the ceiling and one by the threshold. In the center is a precariously balanced pillar on a platform.
Emerson puts his foot on the platform and one of the supports snaps. The door slams shut and yellow sticky acid begins to pour from the grates in ceiling
As Emerson chips away at yellow diamond on top of the pole. We manage to balance the platform and shut of the acid and open the door
Find a room full of mushrooms that are Gledian mushrooms. There is a pool of water that has been poisoned and turned to Karithian poison
In the center of the maze we found a large cavern that was set up for a ritual, with a large pile of salt
There are three adventurers, 2 brains that walk on alien legs and a mind flayer
In the ceiling is a pulsing yellow jem with tendrils of energy
We found a sample of the cure and the recipee
Destroying the gem causes the forge to collapse. We barely escape.



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