D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 7

Made our way back to Steelwind. Received by Princess Casia not by Kraiger, and by the High Priest
Administer cure to prince
Thray. Gawen killed his family about a year ago. Ridding a pale horse and with pale eyes.
Hey says that my order deserves what we got. I due him and beat him in fisticuffs.
Were are given the Vale of Dawn (was to be given to Princess Cassia). She names us the Red Knights of Moss. Her champions
Speak to lord joren – owns land near river kale. Military man. Knows
Pale Rider Haunts the Vale of Dawn; a year or slightly more. 8th schism. Speak to Frayden.
Small township called Sagelock. Ferry goes to terrias pass. 160 miles through mountains. 200 miles across vale
Meet with the woodsman and his family (wife and 3 kids, rustic cottage)
Brings out old worn parchment, came into hs possesion same day we met
Fragment of a map, matces map piece I found in cave, name morgan redwall written on it. Anootated
Rest of map is in the black language. Miri has given him omens. Believe it was to track me down
Lord Kraiger went with hadriel to dragonscales 2 weeks overdue Sgt. Athter went after him
Sagelock is being targeted by Warlord name Emeret
3 days in to our journey to sagelock the road is flooded by bad weather. Lost trying to find new path.
Find burned caravan, signs of struggle. No bodies. Nothing of value.
Sagelock is run down and flooded which is not normal. Howling of woles. Sons of Fenris have moved in.
Meet Borwall and is family merchant; buy a bottle of his wine (Bor’wal Vineyards wine near Lemoa)
Cayden and sons of fenris
Defeat Cayden and his wolf/lackies



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