Professor Slade

Wizard of the School of Illusion, Son of the Fifth House of Slade, holder of the Tear of Marfa, heir to the Holy Rings of Allan, Red Knight of Moss

  • Class: Wizard
  • Alignment: Lawful Good.
  • Race: Human – Allania
  • Patron Diety: Marfa
  • Age: 40
  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 200
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Skin: White
  • Hair: Black

The Chronicles of Professor Slade


Professor Magnus Slade

Professor Slade was born and raised in Allania. He has spent years learning lore, arcana, religion and history, eventually his scholarly training lead him to gain the position of Professor at the University of Allan. He has a great thirst for knowledge which has led him to becoming a Wizard.

The House of Slade is known for their fierce devotion to Religion, Lore and Arcana. The Slade name goes back 5 generations. It is a proud family who have be an integral part of Allania from its beginning. Over the generations, all women of the family have worked for the Temple of Marfa. Magnus’s mother even went as far to become a Cleric. The men have taken the academic path; with most spending their time at the University.

Magnus’s Parents

Magnus is the only son of his parents, the last in his line.

Magnus’s father (Lorendo Slade) was a Professor at the University of Allan, he Chaired the academic department focused on lore surrounding the 5 great dragons. Last year he passed away. With his passing, the invitation to attend the celebration in Moss was given to Magnus. 

Magnus’s Mother (Fendra Slade, Cleric) went missing several years ago in the Orbarrow Forest. She was the Cleric assigned to the Allania military expedition to push the Orc Tribe further back into the forest. After a major encounter, she went missing with no trace. With her, the Holy Rings of Allan also went missing. This mystery has never been solved.

University of Allan University_of_Allan_Crest.jpg
The University pre-dates the founding of the city of Allan. It is built around an old set of wizard towers, one tower for each school of magic. The newer buildings house a large library, space for study and dorms for students. A network of underground tunnels connects all areas of the University.

The University’s crest features a shield with two swords crossing over with the image of Bramd, the white dragon on the front.

Signet Ring
All Professors at the University of Allan are given a signet ring. The image on the ring is of Bramd, the white dragon.

The Holy Rings of Allan

In the early days of Allan, Slade’s distant relative, a powerful Cleric, infused her healing magic into 2 golden rings. These golden rings look like two links in a chain. This magic item enhances healing magic. The Holy Rings of Allan have been passed down from generation to generation. As Magnus’s parents had no daughter, the rings were meant to be given to Magnus.

Magnus uses a wand as his arcane focus. Known as the Tear of Marfa, it is an ancient relic that has been in the Slade family for generations. The wand has mythric writing carved into it, it is 15 inches in length, made of wood with a crystal core. It is said that this crystal was formed from the tears of the goddess Marfa. In the last battle with Kardis, when both were falling into the death sleep, Marfa shed a single tear. The tear fell to the ground and formed into a crystal.

Professor Slade

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