D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 15
Cantrev Aeddan

March north throgh the desert for 8 days.
Beset upon by Thadean Lions (4 female + 1 male). We kill them and Grog takes the hide.
A beautiful black horse missing it’s rider gallops by. I chase it and catch it.
A woman (Jelise) and her squire (Salimar) come after the horse.
She warns us that the military patrols the border of Cantrev Aeddan
The nearest town is Feridol; Jelise takes us there.
Malika (Queen) Nissa Farouk lives here since the falling out with her family.
a few thousand people live here.
Seek a room at the Squatting Djin
Grog is treated poorly and no one will deal with him
He is arrested and goes willingly to jail
We seek an audience with the Malika
In waiting area we meet Master Sword Genrel who leads the Swords of Storms
Tells us the tower of moonlight is along the cliffs of Bodom
We would need to speak to the Malik to pass through the remainder of the lands
“Nights rain bog down the weary traveller”
Azaroth identifies it as Thieves Cant: a warning
The Malika is incredibly dangerous
He tells Hawkenthorne that his father was hanged!
We are motioned into a garden on the cusp of the Oasis
We present her an elven necklace and a diamond
Malik Farouk has condemmed all Orcs to death
If she were Malik she could rescind the law; she needs the Gem of Aucenpelan; afixed to the throne
Alathor and Azaroth notice that she has the eyes of a tiger and backwards hands (briefly glimpsed)
We ask around about relationship
- estranged, power struggle, working against each other for control of cantrev
- Farouk keep ancestral holdings, a couple miles outside banishan (Malik is here)
- Malik is very clever but grown increasing paranoai
- Viscious, but has soul of poet
- Cantrev is a game board for these 2 nobels; villages have been burned
After a week we arrive in Banishan. On the way we see a village named for the Malika which the Malik burned down.
The Professor asks around and it does not seem as if this gem really confers power so much that it is a symbol of rulership
Alathor sneaks off to speak to the Malik and warns him that the Malika is some sort of weird creature (he identifies her as a Rakasha) and that she is after the gem
The Malik orders Alathor captured as his disguise slips (Rakasha) as he doesn’t want those rumors spread.
As we are drinking that evening we overhear men speaking about an elf foreigner placed in the dungeon at Farouk Keep
Hawkenthorne and I find out from the nobels that the gem is highly coveted by the Malik and Malika, but confers no real power.
Azaroth and the professor scope out the keep
Find a captain named Amir Haseem to transport us along the river
Azaroth and the Professor get captured trying to break Alathor out.
They all escape with the Malik chasing them
We make it to the boat
after a day several ships flying the Farouk flag are gaining on us.

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 13
Road to the Grey Witch

After 6 days – came across a farmstead. 4 people with hearts ripped out. Fight flying stag like creatures.

after 7 days – come upon a wagon and dead bodies that have been hacked to pieces. Emma Fermal – Giliam (her husband) – Valasian Priest of Astryn
Husband and men attacked by horrible dog-like men. Her husband was taken into the woods. Woods are thick and unnaturally dark.
Find a fort where a ritual is being performed. We are unable to stop the ritual and a mist falls nd the fort, knolls etc disappear. A pile of bones remains. Looks like it has been 10 years. Sky looks normal again, it didn’t before

1 day – Make our way to Toral and stay the night. Make our way along edges of Forest of Telos. After 1 day we see a tree closer to us is a old grey tree with a few buds and sparrows. Bark has strange symbols around it’s circumference and the tree is bound in rusty iron chains. Known as the Origin tree and was first tree of the Telos forest. Chains of Kahulian. Said to bind a god. Chains glow orange and counter any spells we cast. We copy down symbols and leave the tree alone.

4 days – Weather turns truly calm and we begin to enjoy ourselves when slades saddle strap comes undone and he falls off his horse. We hear the laughter of children. A while later we take a break and Azaroth finds his waterskin filled with soapy water. Slade finds his wand is missing. Searching he finds the wand in emerson’s pouch. Grogs sword falls and when he bends to pick it up he falls. We keep hearing laughter. Grog sings a song and manages to lure pixies out. They find us funny. They offer to help us go through the forest to the witch. We show them the symbols from the tree and they scream and fly away.

6 days – I wake with a start with the fire in embers. Camp surrounded by stones about 2 feet tall. 30 lbs each. Looks like they have been sculpted to look like us. As the embers flare across the sky we hear wispers. In fire light they appear loosly like us.

2 days – In the wee hours of the night we hear sounds not from our own camp. Band of 5 Ashos (Gypsies) odd for these parts. They invite us to the fire. Strange and egnimatic, but welcoming. We tell Kade (from Cannon) accents. Vadoma, red haired woman, leads them. She pays attention to actions and our words. We share the food they are cooking and I share a bottle of wine. They are dancing and begin to make some odd efeect (presdiditation). Seeing lands of Ardoss everything has been peacful for them and they . Road or journey, begin a quest, that is not for us to know. World is changing omens everywhere, be weary as a dark rider in our shadow, fire burns beneath you and a pain in our future. Piecce of parchment set to flames, terrible signs, left band behind to search for any help they can get. Grey witch is an advisor to the High king. We wake entirlet refreshed despite Card larger than playing card with strange symbols (sort of tarot card) on our beds. From an Ath’ir deck, used for telling fortune.
Slade – Darkness – Ill Omen and sorrowful change
Emerson – The Tower – Isolation
Alathor – The Dragon – Domination and Power
Azeroth – Judgment – Retribution and Condemnatiopn
Redwall – Necromancer – Card of the Forbidden
Grog – Island – Card of location
Marcus – High Priestess – Influence
End up in Cares 8 days later.

Telos is a vast woodland, enchanted, within 5 days of leaving we discover that the forest is incredibly hard to navigate and walk through.

9 days – Weather Akim Voss of Banishan, Jasmin (wife) and Turk (son). Slave presents us food, but spills it. He is whipped.
We puruse his wares. I purchase his slave from him for 150 GP.

We come upon some sort of shrine built into a thicket. There are 2 gaurds. Symbols that match those on our maps. This is a shrine to the 8th Schism (Necromancy).
Dome shaped room inside, smoke fills the room. 30 foot brazier filled with fire. Not logs but something else 6 figures kneeling, 3 perform other tasks. Man stands unhurt in fire. Chanting in horrible language. Bara’Kour, Casic Cult of the last schism.

We reach the edge of Witch lake.
total 49 days.

In the middle of the lake is a large island with a black spiraling tower (The Spiral Tower; looks like twisted rock). The lake is calm like the surface of the mirror. The island is 20 miles into the lake. We begin looking for material for a raft. I throw a rock in the lake. As we are looking around, the lake ripples and a 5-headed hydra emerges.

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 8
Trouble at Esmorn's Keep

Escape tavern by professor making a distraction
Escape by river to end of river kale where we alert the garison
Take terias pass (7 day journey)
Travel 1 day and make camp. Discuss going after king, but we can’t because of the geiss
At night silent shadow figures approach, leave no tracks but a smell of sulfer
Mid day we find another burned out caravan
Bodies are torn apart, 3 toe footprint, globs of green smoldering substance
Both normal travelers and sons of fenris among the bodies
We reach Harrowden by nightfall. Head to Sojourn inn.
We meet a bard named Marcus Darkbane who is going to Esmorn’s Keep to investigate disappearance of townsfolk 2 weeks ago
Spend next day supplying u. Head out next morning. Reach the keep by midday.
Smoldering puddles and rubble.
We are attacked by aWyvern and 2 black dragon wormlings
Defeat them and head to keep. Find table abandoned mid meal. Covered in dust. Parchment pinned to throne.
Warning that this place is only death
Find a tower with cells, find children and women who say they were immediatley imprisoned by dragonborn
Find rooms with strange plant life. Ancient Symbols of Pharalis (Circle of the Falling Star – Ancient Druid cult)
Find hifdden store room with animated objects (armour, carpets, swords) who attack

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 7

Made our way back to Steelwind. Received by Princess Casia not by Kraiger, and by the High Priest
Administer cure to prince
Thray. Gawen killed his family about a year ago. Ridding a pale horse and with pale eyes.
Hey says that my order deserves what we got. I due him and beat him in fisticuffs.
Were are given the Vale of Dawn (was to be given to Princess Cassia). She names us the Red Knights of Moss. Her champions
Speak to lord joren – owns land near river kale. Military man. Knows
Pale Rider Haunts the Vale of Dawn; a year or slightly more. 8th schism. Speak to Frayden.
Small township called Sagelock. Ferry goes to terrias pass. 160 miles through mountains. 200 miles across vale
Meet with the woodsman and his family (wife and 3 kids, rustic cottage)
Brings out old worn parchment, came into hs possesion same day we met
Fragment of a map, matces map piece I found in cave, name morgan redwall written on it. Anootated
Rest of map is in the black language. Miri has given him omens. Believe it was to track me down
Lord Kraiger went with hadriel to dragonscales 2 weeks overdue Sgt. Athter went after him
Sagelock is being targeted by Warlord name Emeret
3 days in to our journey to sagelock the road is flooded by bad weather. Lost trying to find new path.
Find burned caravan, signs of struggle. No bodies. Nothing of value.
Sagelock is run down and flooded which is not normal. Howling of woles. Sons of Fenris have moved in.
Meet Borwall and is family merchant; buy a bottle of his wine (Bor’wal Vineyards wine near Lemoa)
Cayden and sons of fenris
Defeat Cayden and his wolf/lackies

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 6

Explor level 2 of dungeon
Fight dark dwarves who were worshiping to a squid like god
Wearing amulets and rings with trident like symbol
Found a room with a glowing orange glow. The mortar between stones glows orange
Each brick has runes and names painted on them in a glowing orange substance. On one brick is written “Morgan & Gawen Redwall”
Next we find a room with 3 grates in the ceiling and one by the threshold. In the center is a precariously balanced pillar on a platform.
Emerson puts his foot on the platform and one of the supports snaps. The door slams shut and yellow sticky acid begins to pour from the grates in ceiling
As Emerson chips away at yellow diamond on top of the pole. We manage to balance the platform and shut of the acid and open the door
Find a room full of mushrooms that are Gledian mushrooms. There is a pool of water that has been poisoned and turned to Karithian poison
In the center of the maze we found a large cavern that was set up for a ritual, with a large pile of salt
There are three adventurers, 2 brains that walk on alien legs and a mind flayer
In the ceiling is a pulsing yellow jem with tendrils of energy
We found a sample of the cure and the recipee
Destroying the gem causes the forge to collapse. We barely escape.

The Memoirs of Azaroth Storme

My life has been anything but ordinary, but the last months have been by far the most unique. As I look in the mirror, the pale, gaunt face staring back at me is a weak, pitiful reflection of what I once was. This red blight, this plague that torments me, is beginning to take a toll on my strength and will. The most frustrating part is that the cure is always just out of reach. Even now, as my comrades and I defeat the most powerful beings we have ever faced, we remain stricken by this deadly disease.

The only positive to come of all this is I have been refining my combat skills. I feel as though my abilities are being honed, and I am becoming more deadly by the day. My ability to escape attacks, break into even the most guarded rooms, and evade my enemies unnoticed is reaching an unparalleled level. I am becoming a force to be reckoned with, and I can see that even my allies are beginning to fear the swiftness of my blade. The scary part is that I have only just begun to reach my true potential. Once I shed the burden of this red poison that haunts me I will truly be an elite thief, respected enough to enter the brotherhood that has for so long eluded me. I suppose I owe the king a thanks for sending me on that quest, despite where it has taken me.

The only thing left to do is maintain my sanity while this sickness drains away my strength. As long as I can fight, can move like the wind across a room, silently striking before my enemy even realizes I am there, then I can push forward. However, I fear for my mind once this blight consumes my body. Once I lose my vitality I do not know whether I will be able to go on. For now, I fight. For now, I remain immortal.

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 5


Examine dwarven forge
There is red mould
Find an alchemist room with dragonborn (Arakar) and a woman wearing heraldry of the house of salbad
Abster Tharid Dominus of Margrel Lord of the Fallen Forge Compeer of the Necrotyr


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