D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 8
Trouble at Esmorn's Keep

Escape tavern by professor making a distraction
Escape by river to end of river kale where we alert the garison
Take terias pass (7 day journey)
Travel 1 day and make camp. Discuss going after king, but we can’t because of the geiss
At night silent shadow figures approach, leave no tracks but a smell of sulfer
Mid day we find another burned out caravan
Bodies are torn apart, 3 toe footprint, globs of green smoldering substance
Both normal travelers and sons of fenris among the bodies
We reach Harrowden by nightfall. Head to Sojourn inn.
We meet a bard named Marcus Darkbane who is going to Esmorn’s Keep to investigate disappearance of townsfolk 2 weeks ago
Spend next day supplying u. Head out next morning. Reach the keep by midday.
Smoldering puddles and rubble.
We are attacked by aWyvern and 2 black dragon wormlings
Defeat them and head to keep. Find table abandoned mid meal. Covered in dust. Parchment pinned to throne.
Warning that this place is only death
Find a tower with cells, find children and women who say they were immediatley imprisoned by dragonborn
Find rooms with strange plant life. Ancient Symbols of Pharalis (Circle of the Falling Star – Ancient Druid cult)
Find hifdden store room with animated objects (armour, carpets, swords) who attack

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 7

Made our way back to Steelwind. Received by Princess Casia not by Kraiger, and by the High Priest
Administer cure to prince
Thray. Gawen killed his family about a year ago. Ridding a pale horse and with pale eyes.
Hey says that my order deserves what we got. I due him and beat him in fisticuffs.
Were are given the Vale of Dawn (was to be given to Princess Cassia). She names us the Red Knights of Moss. Her champions
Speak to lord joren – owns land near river kale. Military man. Knows
Pale Rider Haunts the Vale of Dawn; a year or slightly more. 8th schism. Speak to Frayden.
Small township called Sagelock. Ferry goes to terrias pass. 160 miles through mountains. 200 miles across vale
Meet with the woodsman and his family (wife and 3 kids, rustic cottage)
Brings out old worn parchment, came into hs possesion same day we met
Fragment of a map, matces map piece I found in cave, name morgan redwall written on it. Anootated
Rest of map is in the black language. Miri has given him omens. Believe it was to track me down
Lord Kraiger went with hadriel to dragonscales 2 weeks overdue Sgt. Athter went after him
Sagelock is being targeted by Warlord name Emeret
3 days in to our journey to sagelock the road is flooded by bad weather. Lost trying to find new path.
Find burned caravan, signs of struggle. No bodies. Nothing of value.
Sagelock is run down and flooded which is not normal. Howling of woles. Sons of Fenris have moved in.
Meet Borwall and is family merchant; buy a bottle of his wine (Bor’wal Vineyards wine near Lemoa)
Cayden and sons of fenris
Defeat Cayden and his wolf/lackies

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 6

Explor level 2 of dungeon
Fight dark dwarves who were worshiping to a squid like god
Wearing amulets and rings with trident like symbol
Found a room with a glowing orange glow. The mortar between stones glows orange
Each brick has runes and names painted on them in a glowing orange substance. On one brick is written “Morgan & Gawen Redwall”
Next we find a room with 3 grates in the ceiling and one by the threshold. In the center is a precariously balanced pillar on a platform.
Emerson puts his foot on the platform and one of the supports snaps. The door slams shut and yellow sticky acid begins to pour from the grates in ceiling
As Emerson chips away at yellow diamond on top of the pole. We manage to balance the platform and shut of the acid and open the door
Find a room full of mushrooms that are Gledian mushrooms. There is a pool of water that has been poisoned and turned to Karithian poison
In the center of the maze we found a large cavern that was set up for a ritual, with a large pile of salt
There are three adventurers, 2 brains that walk on alien legs and a mind flayer
In the ceiling is a pulsing yellow jem with tendrils of energy
We found a sample of the cure and the recipee
Destroying the gem causes the forge to collapse. We barely escape.

The Memoirs of Azaroth Storme

My life has been anything but ordinary, but the last months have been by far the most unique. As I look in the mirror, the pale, gaunt face staring back at me is a weak, pitiful reflection of what I once was. This red blight, this plague that torments me, is beginning to take a toll on my strength and will. The most frustrating part is that the cure is always just out of reach. Even now, as my comrades and I defeat the most powerful beings we have ever faced, we remain stricken by this deadly disease.

The only positive to come of all this is I have been refining my combat skills. I feel as though my abilities are being honed, and I am becoming more deadly by the day. My ability to escape attacks, break into even the most guarded rooms, and evade my enemies unnoticed is reaching an unparalleled level. I am becoming a force to be reckoned with, and I can see that even my allies are beginning to fear the swiftness of my blade. The scary part is that I have only just begun to reach my true potential. Once I shed the burden of this red poison that haunts me I will truly be an elite thief, respected enough to enter the brotherhood that has for so long eluded me. I suppose I owe the king a thanks for sending me on that quest, despite where it has taken me.

The only thing left to do is maintain my sanity while this sickness drains away my strength. As long as I can fight, can move like the wind across a room, silently striking before my enemy even realizes I am there, then I can push forward. However, I fear for my mind once this blight consumes my body. Once I lose my vitality I do not know whether I will be able to go on. For now, I fight. For now, I remain immortal.

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 5


Examine dwarven forge
There is red mould
Find an alchemist room with dragonborn (Arakar) and a woman wearing heraldry of the house of salbad
Abster Tharid Dominus of Margrel Lord of the Fallen Forge Compeer of the Necrotyr

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 4

20 Tarsakh, 300 ADW

We arrived at the Great Forge of Rokterre after an uneventful journey. We sought an audience with King Rurke, Lord of Rok’Terre to beseech his permission to enter the Old Forge. He assented if we would seek out Baronet Erendal Hawkenthorne, who had stolen an ancient artifact from the Dwarves. We agreed that we would seek him out and return the weapon if we were at first allowed to enter the ruins.

While exploring the city of Great Forge, rumours

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 3
Runes in the dark...

18 Ches, 300 ADW

A hallway…the sound of clashing swords…shouts of battle. My head was ringing. What was going on? The whisky had apparently done its job. I charged through the doorway and saw a group of the living dead led by a wight. Despite the blurriness in my eyes, I engaged. We defeated the fiends handily. Searching the room we found various menacing and silvered weapons alongside the old remains of a dwarf.

Exploring further, we found another black door similar to the one we found earlier. In front of the door stood a pedestal covered in the red fungus. Clearing it off we saw a round indentation. Placing the red orb we found in the well beyond the first black door, it sank down into the pedestal and the doors swung slowly open. Beyond we could hear the moans of the undead.

Preparing ourselves, we entered into a cavern lined with pillars and saw the spectre of the dwarf we found earlier standing on a staircase that ascended, seemingly, to nothing. It was Morhigan, the alchemist whose journal we found. His spirit must have become trapped in this place when he was abandoned by his master A’rakar. He raised a fist, summoned more spirits, and attacked. The spirits were troublesome and it took the combined might of our party to banish them once and for all.

When the spirit of Morhigan vanished, luminous runes appeared on the pillars. On a tapestry dedicated to the Gods, the constellation of the Warden of Moss began to glow. A portal formed at the top of the staircase. According to the Professor, there are ten portals. Nine are said to exist in the great cities, with no one knowing where the tenth would come out.

All the information we have points to Old Forge in Tir’Run. So that is where we must go.

24 Ches, 300 ADW

We advised Lord Commander Craiger of our intentions to head to Old Forge. He sent us with his blessing. We decided to head through the Deep Sage Woods to the Black Road which will lead us across the Dragonscale Mountains. The Deep Sage Wood is an old and overrun forest with many dark recesses. Supposedly this wood is haunted.

On the second day we came to a flooded ravine. Grog spoke to a chipmunk, who he somehow understood, who told us that the way around is fast, but warned us of a dangerous wizard living in the area. We decided, rather foolishly, to continue through the woods.

After four days of travel, we came upon a clearing. There was a well made stone house with smooth sides. In the basement there was a door, locked from the outside. Inside we found cages filled with tortured animals. At the back of the basement there were animals turned to stone, as well as creatures mutated by some dark power. The back wall was made of stone arms, legs and faces. They were crying out to be killed or freed. I could do nothing for them…

The wizard came home while we were investigating and locked us into the basement. His name is Grettle Oplan and he and the professor parlayed. He agreed to let us go if we would take an object to the Grey Tower in Thade before the end of the year. As we were completely within the clutches of this powerful being, we agreed. He handed us a small box to take to The Grey Witch at The Grey Tower. He placed a curse on us to ensure we carry out his task.

14 Tarsakh, 300 ADW

It took three-and-a-half weeks until we made the first Old Forge encampment. The travel was faster after we made it out of the accursed woods and onto the Black Road.

From what we know, Old Forge fell some time ago to the denizens of the Underdark, who now inhabit it. Outside the Forge is a high wall and there are dwarven sentries preventing anyone from going in. We were uncomfortable breaking into the Old Forge so we decided to head on to the Great Forge of Rokterre to seek permission from King Rurke, Lord of Rok’Terre. We rented horses and cart and headed on our way.

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 2
The secret passage

17 Ches, 300 ADW

Our party was invited to stay in Steelwind keep, the home of Lord Commander Craiger, where we were able to rest and bathe and let the enormity of our current situation sink in. We also had the misfortune of meeting Mag, Head Magistrate and Seneschal for Steelwind Keep, who was given the task of showing us to our chambers. Mag is a slimy, self important little man, who clearly thought it beneath him to deal with my friends and me. He advised us that we were “invited” to dine with the court that evening. When we were bathed and dressed, we were given a tour of the castle. It is a magnificent place, overlooking both the city and the Sage Wood. It is a working military keep though so although finely dressed, most in the house wore their armour and weapons as well. As if the keep is ready for a fight at any time. It is a good thing too.

When we arrived back in our rooms we were attacked by cultists and an assassin looking for the journal we had found in the ruins below the city. They put up a mighty fight, but were unable to make off with the journal, and were all killed. We discovered that they had entered our rooms through a secret door that led to a series of secret passages throughout the castle. It was clear these passages were meant, at least in part, to spy on occupants of the keep. Reading the journal we discovered the key to opening the obsidian door down in the ruins. That night we dined with the court and were asked back to Commander Craiger’s chambers to chat in private. He let us know of his son’s rapidly failing health. He also offered us what aid he could for our quest into the ruins beneath the keep.

We headed back into the ruins and made our way to the room where we found the journal and the statues. We managed to open the strange obsidian door in the ruins under Dragonscales. The door opened with an ominous sound and we could hear the screech of a beast as it did so. The first room we entered had the remains of old corpses and four fresher ones being fed on by purple Alderian Soul Maggots.

The professor advised us that eating the maggots would allow us to gain the memories of the men they were feeding on. We took turns eating the maggots which, in addition to tasting horrible, gave us memories of 5 men being told to meet Mag in disguise, and at his command, preparing to enter the dungeon from one of the secret tunnels hidden behind the walls of Steelwind keep. in This room there was also a glowing, murky well. Hawkenthorne dove down through the murky water and pulled up a glowing red orb. The glow faded when removed from the water, and we decided to hold onto it, not knowing yet it’s significance.

From here we began to explore this strange new set of ruins, when the tunnels collapsed. We were separated, with Grog, the professor and myself finding each other rapidly. We found Alathor the Lost when he inadvertently awoke some skeletal warriors who had before just been a pile of bones. We dispatched the skeletons just as Hawkenthorne finally found his way back to us. We argued on whether to continue on into the caverns or to go back to the castle. Some thought we should head back to warn the castle that the beast rumoured to be held down here may have escaped, wile myself and others were determined to go on. When things did not go his way, Hawkenthorne became angry and transformed into monster, a shapeshifter! We battled it and, despite a hard fight, the creature fell. We managed to locate the real Hawkenthorne buried under rubble in an old throne room. It is here that we are resting, preparing for whatever lies next.


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