Group Accolades - Renown

The following is a list of accolades and Marks of Prestige given to the player group, as well as their infamous actions and the corresponding increase or decrease in Renown.

  • Saviours of Vail Ending the corruption of Prince Vail and the Tower of Moonlight – Renown +1
  • Marked The Flaming Sands Assassins Guild has been hired to kill the group – Renown -1
  • Heroic Deed Rescue of Sallara of Vay from the Giants of An-Nar – Renown +1
  • Heros of the Vale Rescued and provided safe haven for the refugees of the Vale – Renown +2
  • Title Knighted by Princess Cassia of Moss – The Red Knights of MossRenown +1
  • Parcel of Land Given Lordship of Val’TanninRenown +1
  • Dishonour Blacklisted by King Rourke of the Great Forge of Rokterre – Renown -1
  • Heroic Deed Defeated Cayden and the Sons of Fenris at Sagelock Township, then alerted the Militia – Renown +1
  • Heroic Deed Bearers of the Pharalian Seed, aiding the Druid Ezmorn and vanquishing the corrupt black dragon Chekacrys – Renown +1
  • Heroic Deed Defeat of Ar’akar and Abstertharid within the halls of Old Forge – Renown +1

Player Specific Accolades

Professor Slade – Accolades
Emerson Hawkenthorne – Accolades
Alathor the Lost – Accolades
Azaroth Storme – Accolades
Sir Morgan Redwall – Accolades
Grogdak Faroksson – Accolades
Marcus Darkbane – Accolades

Group Accolades - Renown

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