Type: Monacratic Timocracy (where a single ruler is selected based on the degree of honor they hold relative to others in their society, peer group or class.
Ruler: Lord Commander Craiger

Common Race(s): Human 90%, Dwarf 6%, Elf 2%, Dragon Born 1%, Other 1%
Average Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Notable Locations: The Freehold of Dragon Breath, The Port of Seahammer, Dragonscales, The Deep Forge, The Keep of the Dragon Mycen
Population: 3,750,000
Common Languages: Common, Salt Speak, Dwarven
National Heraldry/Flag: A field vert with a fess wavy, argent. A ship under sail, vert in fess point.

Moss is a land of many masks, it is defined by it’s Sea culture that has been the tradition of generations of Mossian men. Yet, the land boasts a large range of mountains, in the Dragonscales and a thriving forest in the Sagewood. At it’s most northern, Moss is plagued by several barbarian tribes while it’s southern coast is set upon by pirates.

Yet the land is one of general beauty and overall peace.

It’s Capital is the Freehold of Dragon Breath. A massive city, it has been said that it was the site of the final battle of the Giant Guild Wars, but evidence of such a thing has long since been lost. The city is however, surrounded by massive walls.

The great port city of Moss, is Seahammer. A heavily fortified and military harbour, it sees endless trade from all parts of Ardross and is the last stop on the road to Dragon Breath.

In contrast to Seahammer is the mountain city of Dragonscales. Said to have been founded by the Brood of Mycen, the Green Dragon, Dragonscales is a city set in the sky, high up in the upper mountain ranges of the Dragonscale Mountains.

To Moss’ most northern end lie the Hoard Lands. This area is home to several barbarian tribes several of whom are quite dangerous, often coming into conflict with the Moss military. Most travellers will avoid travel through these lands, circumventing the area the best they can.


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