A Brief History

There is a lot of lost history in Ardross. It is believed that the great cataclysm occurred about one thousand years ago. A brutal battle that saw god fight god. It was in this battle that Ardross was created and separated from the eastern continent. Few, if any, know much of the time before this cosmic battle.

Then came the time of exploration, when new nations were formed and communities built. For many years life was difficult through out the lands and war was common. Nations remained weak as they fought for control of land and resources, but below it all an even greater evil was growing.

The rise of the Necrotyr heralded in an age of true darkness. As their armies of dead lay waste to much of Ardross. For the first time in known history, the nations of Ardross
came together in cooperation to fight the necromancers, to save their lands and build a better future. The war was a war of generations, and it took its toll. The men of Marmo
betrayed the alliance, joining with the Necrotyr in a bid for power. The horrors brought into this world during the war has left scars for every generation. Scars that are still
leave their marks to this day. However, with the aid of the magic city of Kastuul and the ancient dragon Bramd, the free people’s of Ardross were able to turn back the Necrotyr and win the war, but not without great cost. Kastuul was destroyed in the great battle which ended the war and with it, much of the people’s knowledge and the collected artifacts of magic the rested within it’s walls. With the defeat of the Necrotyr came the creation of Kanon, as Marmo was forced to relinquish much of its land and money in punishment.

Having seen what could be accomplished together, the nations of Ardross began to create treaties, and find ways to live together. It has been 300 years since the end of the Dark War and peace feels like a daily occurrence for the people of Ardross, though what goes on behind closed doors is impossible to say. The land of Ardross is unified in it’s battles against the barbarian hoards of Thade, the roaming bands of orcs and the creatures even more terrifying.

A Brief History

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