Enchanting Items - Crafting Magic Items


The creation of a magic item is a lengthy, expensive task. To start, a character must meet the following criteria:

1: The character must have a formula that describes the construction of the item.
2: The character must also be a spellcaster with spell slots and must be able to cast any spells that the item can produce.
3: The item being enchanted must be of Mastercraft quality
4: The character must meet a level minimum determined by the item’s rarity, as shown in the Crafting Magic Items table.

For example, a 3rd-level character could create a wand of magic missiles (an uncommon item), as long as the character has spell slots and can cast magic missile. That same character could make a +1 weapon (another uncommon item), no particular spell required.

The DM may decide that certain items also require special materials or locations to be created. For example, a character might need alchemist’s supplies to brew a particular potion, or the formula for a flame tongue might require that the weapon be forged with lava.


An item has a creation cost specified in the Crafting Magic Items table. A character engaged in the crafting of a magic item makes progress in 25 gp increments, spending that amount for each day of work until the total cost is paid. The character is assumed to work for 8 hours each of those days.

Thus, creating an uncommon magic item takes 20 days and 500 gp. The DM may adjust the costs to better suit the campaign or story needs.

If a spell will be produced by the item being created, the creator must expend one spell slot of the spell’s level for each day of the creation process. The spell’s material components must also be at hand throughout the process. If the spell normally consumes those components, they are consumed by the creation process.

If the item will be able to produce the spell only once, as with a spell scroll, the components are consumed only once by the process. Otherwise, the components are consumed once each day of the item’s creation.

Multiple characters can combine their efforts to create a magic item if each of them meets the level prerequisite. Each character can contribute spells, spell slots and components, as long as everyone participates during the entire crafting process. Each character can contribute 25 gp worth of effort for each day spent helping to craft the item.

Normally, a character who undertakes this activity creates a magic item described in chapter 7, “Treasure.” At the DM’s discretion, players may be allowed to design their own magic items, using the guidelines in chapter 9, Dungeon Master’s Workshop."

While crafting a magic item, a character can maintain a modest lifestyle without having to pay the 1 gp per day, a comfortable lifestyle at half the normal cost (see chapter 5, “Equipment,” of the Player’s Handbook).

Enchanting Items - Crafting Magic Items

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