Legend of the Greatsword Grenwar


The Grenwar is the ancestral sword of the Faroksson household. The blade is said to have been forged during the war with the Necrotyr. The blade itself is actually rumoured to be an Elvish blade that once wielded by a great Elvish lord who made an unlikely friendship with an Orc chieftain during the rise of the Necrotyr. The strange duo made exceptional partners on the battlefield and legend states that pair were able to slay as many between them as entire armies. As with many of the legends of the Necrotyr era however, this one ends in tragedy.

Though it is impossible to be certain, the few scraps of original documents that survive from the rise of the Necrotyr and the cataclysm that ended it would suggest that the Orc chieftain was the mighty Barbarian Faroks while the Elven noble was likely the superb tactician Lysanthir of the great house Perlen. The unlikely alliance that became a great (albeit relatively brief) friendship was struck on the battlefield in the plains of Glenn Daris, Precisely who saved whom is still up for debate and the as unfortunately been lost to the ages, but if legend is to be believed, that alliance became a friendship that would last for much of the war.

The two leaders would often combine armies in ways that their enemies did not anticipate, with each army compensating for a potential weakness in the other’s. Together they are rumoured to have helped turn the tide in battles that would have otherwise may only have been decided by will of he gods.

During one of the final battles of the war, several gods were fighting in the skies above the armies of Faroks and Lysanthir. While Faroks was famous for his legendary strength, Lysanthir was equally famous for reflexes that were said to be faster than lightning. It was during that this battle that Lysanthir would truly prove just how quickly he could react. While the skies above them were being torn apart by the terrible energies being unleashed, an errant bolt of lighting shot out toward the hilltop Faroks and Lysanthir were defending. Seeing the bolt of lightning and reacting at speeds that would be legendary even for an Elf, Lysanthir leapt in from of Faroks and absorbed the full bast from ongoing battle above them. The massive bolt of energy disintegrated Lysanthir instantly and left only his shattered sword and a pile of ash in his place.

Whether the armies of Faroks and Lysanthir won the day or not is not known, but we do know that after the war Faroks found his way to southern shores of Ardross and set up a small village with the remnants of his army. Faroks carried the shards of Lysanthir’s sword with him for years after his friend’s death. Eventually his warsmiths grew powerful enough that were actually able to reforge the ancient Elven blade into a blade large enough for Faroks to weed himself. The combination of Orc and Elven magic in the blade did not mix as well as the two friends however, and the blade’s power grew increasingly unsteady before fading from the blade altogether. Magic or not, the blade was precious to Faroks. Faroks renamed the blade Grenwar (which loosely translates to Old Friend) and it became an heirloom passed down from father to son.

Though the village Faroks founded was eventually overtaken by an expanding Kanon and his people scattered through Ardross, the blade is still wielded by one of Faroks’ descendants.

Legend has it that of the dark magics of the Necrotyr should ever return to Ardross, the dormant magic of Grenwar will be awoken as Orc and Elven come together one last time to defend Ardross from evil.

Legend of the Greatsword Grenwar

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