Morhigan's Journal

Entry A: The Scorn of Kardis
It is said, near the end of the third age of Baal, during the rise of the Ardrossi, the Night God Kardis first brought to this world the last schism, the dark mastery. Control of the dead. This magic was powerful, so powerful the other god’s rejected Kardis and the last schism. Kardis chose to share this power with her closest council, Pharalis , Myrii and Marfa. In disgust of the Hubris of the last schism, which Marfa believed should be the purview of no one, man or god, she turned her back on Kardis. Pharalis, understanding the desire to know the secrets of and master death, he turned to face Kardis in alliance. Myrii, was concerned, for this was indeed a dangerous path. In time, Myrii would also begin to turn from Kardis and follow the path of Marfa. This was the beginning of the end, for the cataclysm would soon be upon the gods.

Entry B: The Escape Plan -
Our research goes well, though I fear A’rakar may be drawing to much attention to our efforts. The last two captives are both of noble blood and will certainly be sought after. I do not understand why he would do this, the pathetic poor that we had used before were never missed. And now, with the Brotherhood of the Searing Star in the city we must be extra careful. I have prepared my escape at any rate. The mechanism is set to open the lower levels, if I must then I shall head to the lair of the beast. Yet, it may be simplest to enter the caves by the stream of water and hide there until the heat is off. I have already stored some provisions for this contingency. I prey that A’rakar’s hubris does not thwart our goals here.

Entry C: The Hero Terias (TEREYE – US)—
A’rakar has made many enemies of late. I understand that he does this in service to the Necrotyr and the Dread Lord Vos, but some enemies are best avoided. Sir Terias of the Brotherhood of the Searing Star has been responsible for the deaths and capture of a number of our operatives. A’rakar shows no worry, but I have served him to long not to know the fear beneath the surface. Terias is a devout fanatic and his order may be the strongest force against the Necrotyr itself. I believe that A’rakar has begun to make moves to deal with Terias and the Brotherhood. When I questioned this course of action I was struck, only with the healing powers of Ur’tran did my eye recover and sight return, though I will always carry a scar for my insubordination. Surly, A’rakar simply follows his orders, and whatever happens with Terias and the Brotherhood can not be my concern. I must again focus on the red blight, least this war continue.

Entry D: The Beast -
There are two kinds of necromancers in this war. The first, like me, see that the power over death requires discipline and respect. To wield such power is to be like a god. It is impossible not to understand the inherent darkness within this power and the ease of corruption that it can have. The second kind is the one who has succumbed to the corruption, that no longer holds the proper respect and fear needed to breach this schism. I believe A’rakar has become such a fiend. He has taken to strange and horrific experiments, well beyond what our mission here would have us do. It began with some of the prisoners he had taken, rituals designed to change them. It soon grew beyond simply the sick debased experiments to something worse. Vicious rituals on creatures doing things even I believe is beyond what is right. The horror that was created now resides in the lair below. The beast is to be feared above all else.

The Last Entry:
The experiments that A’rakar has demanded have shown great progress, perhaps too much. Indeed I do not know if anyone will be left to read this as the Red Blight has spread incredibly fast through the eight of us. Only Ur’tran seems to be unaffected by the blight, it must be the dragon blood in his system. Either way, I know I will not survive long, the sickness is already near it’s final stages in me, even now I find it difficult to write this final entry. I know this weapon works, but a cure must be made before it is used by the Necrontyr or else it might spread to both sides and that would end the war for certain. A’rakar will go to no ends to win, but I fear the Red Blight may be a step too far. Only time will tell.” – Signed Morhigen.

Morhigan's Journal

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