The Island land of Ardross is a land of enchantment and building terror. Its known history dates back one thousand years, but empires have reigned and fallen many thousands of years before that. Only in recent decades have the warring states of Ardross become united, at least by treaty. Yet Ardross is still plagued by monsters, dark wizards, and evil priests. The lands and towns of Ardross are as different and diverse as the colors of the rainbow.

Ardross has nearly every type of climatic region imaginable. In the low lands exist beautiful lush forests and valleys of gold and green. In the Kingdom of Valis is the Heartstone Mountain range, which does pose a barrier to would be travelers between Allania and Valis. The mountain pass between Alania and Valis is long and hard, and though shorter than the southern route, passes through the Orbarrow Forest, few dare to venture through this dangerously enchanted realm of the elves and fairies.

Mountains can also be found in Moss, Kanon and near Raiden. The tallest mountains are in northern Allania, where the land reaches an altitude that causes the climate to turn bitter cold and harsh. Here, amidst the frozen caverns and mountaintops is the icy domain of the dragon Bramd.

In the central northern region of Ardross, in the country of Thade, is the great desert known as the Burning Lands, once an impossible land to navigate, now the desert is blessed with many frontier towns, forts and oasis—a welcome relief for those wishing to travel from Allania or Valis to distant Raiden.


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