The history of Ardross can be divided into a number of ages:

The First Age of Baal – The creation of the Gods
The Second Age of Baal – The formation of Oerth and discovery of the Schisms.
The Third Age of Baal – Discovery of the last schism and the great cataclysm war.

The Ages of Baal are the ages of the Gods, before the rise of man. It was not until the third age that the gods created mortal life on Ardross. The end of the third age of Baal saw the creation of the final schism and the great Cataclysm War which brought an end to the reign of the Gods and began the age of men.

The First Age of Shaal – The Rise of the Mortal Realms, The Age of the Great Dragons
The Second Age of Shaal – Rise of the Necrotyr and the Dark War
The Third Age of Shaal – After the Dark War to Present (300 ADW)

The Ages of Shaal are the ages of man. When the mortal races walked the lands of Ardross and built empires.


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