The Rise and Fall of Enchanted Objects

One of the greatest crimes carried out during the Dark Wars was the collection and destruction of enchanted objects. At the height of the war the Necrotyr began to send out agents across Ardross. Their purpose, to find enchanted objects and ensure that they are taken away from the enemies of the Necrotyr.

For years the Order of Khardis sought out relics of all forms. Many were destroyed, others were used by the Necrotyr while yet others still were placed in The Vaults of Krill, a series of deep earth vaults meant to house and protect the powerful magics. Even the magical tools designed to help the people, such as self operating ploughs were taken from the lands.

Even worse, those who knew the formulae to create such objects were killed or corrupted and any written formulae that was found was destroyed.

After the fall of the Necrotyr some few of these relics were retrieved, but the locations of the vaults of Krill were lost. Only stories remain of the wonders that may exist within the lost vaults of Krill. On occasion a rare formulae has been discovered, but these are few.

The Rise and Fall of Enchanted Objects

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