Val’Tannin – The Valley of the Dragon

Long ago, Val’Tannin was the heart of a powerful empire controlled by the Ancient Dragon Mycen. From the spires of Val’Tannin Mycen ruled. It was a city of peace, magic and advancement, perhaps as closest to a utopia that was ever seen in Ardross. But it would not last.

It was during The Ravaging, the great dragon civil war that the city of Val’Tannin fell.

Settlement Attributes

Economy – 1
Loyalty – 1
Defense – 1
Stability – 2
City Base Value –
Unrest – 1
Consumption – 1
Population – 56

Notable citizens of Val’tannin

Otho Jordanus: Steward of Val’tannin. Has a wife (Jace) and a young son (Athen).
Urick Westman: (Council Member) Retired Warrior, now a farmer.
Carden’Var: Half orc woodsman. Surprisingly gentle for a Half-Orc.
Hada Wren: Felmale Halfling Stable Master.
Krill Ren: (Deceased) Husband of Hada.
Letholodus Keen: Historian from University of Allen. Studying the old ruins of Val’Tannin.
Iyllaria: (Council Member) Priestess of Marfa.
Clara Neese: Redheaded Harper (bard). Very Kind.
Al Yearman: (Council Member) Innkeeper of the Ruined Tankard.
Rowan Rowntree: (Council Member) Druid (Circle of the Dragon Spine). Often found in the North Eastern Ruins of Val’Tannin
Ellenia Tailor.

Notable locations

Inn: The Ruined Tanker

City Wall
Castle (54 BP)
Training Ground (6)
Office of the City Guard (8BP)
Jail (14BP)
Houses (3BP)
Houses (3BP)
Houses (3BP)
Houses (3BP)
Houses (3BP)
Houses (3BP)

100 BP from Dwarf’s craftmen
150 BP stuff
95 BP stuff


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