Val’Tannin – The Valley of the Dragon

Long ago, Val’Tannin was the heart of a powerful empire controlled by the Ancient Dragon Mycen. From the spires of Val’Tannin Mycen ruled. It was a city of peace, magic and advancement, perhaps as closest to a utopia that was ever seen in Ardross. But it would not last.

It was during The Ravaging, the great dragon civil war that the city of Val’Tannin fell.

Settlement Attributes

Settlement Abilities use D20 + Proficiency + Rating Modifier

Settlement Size: Large Town = +1 Proficiency Modifier
City Base Value: 2000 gp

Economy: 4 (-3)
Loyalty: 4 (-3)
Defense: 12 (+1)
Stability : 8 (-1)
Unrest: 3 (-4)
Consumption: 2 (-4)

Population: 355 Residents, 1700 Refugees

Notable citizens of Val’tannin

Otho Jordanus: Steward of Val’tannin. Has a wife (Jace) and a young son (Athen).
Urick Westman: (Council Member) Retired Warrior, now a farmer.
Carden’Var: Half orc woodsman. Surprisingly gentle for a Half-Orc.
Hada Wren: Felmale Halfling Stable Master.
Krill Ren: (Deceased) Husband of Hada.
Letholodus Keen: Dead Historian from University of Allen. Studying the old ruins of Val’Tannin.
Iyllaria: (Council Member) Priestess of Marfa.
Clara Neese: Redheaded Harper (bard). Very Kind.
Al Yearman: (Council Member) Innkeeper of the Ruined Tankard.
Rowan Rowntree: (Council Member) Druid (Circle of the Dragon Spine). Often found in the North Eastern Ruins of Val’Tannin
Ellenia Tailor.

Notable locations

Inn: The Ruined Tanker
City Wall
Training Site
Office of the City Guard
Houses for previous residents (56 people)
Housing Block (3BP) – Holds 50 People
Housing Block (3BP) – Holds 50 People
Housing Block (3BP) – Holds 50 People
Housing Block (3BP) – Holds 50 People
Housing Block (3BP) – Holds 50 People
Housing Block (3BP) – Holds 50 People

Proposed Plan:
Carpenter 30
Carpenter (30 BP; must be adjacent to a mill; maximum 1 per city; 1 × 2 city blocks): A building for the production of wooden objects and building materials. Reduces the cost of all buildings by 1 BP; Economy +2.

Housing Blocks 68
1700 people still in tents! Need 34 more housing blocks, each housing block holds 50 people. (34 × 2BP = 68 BP) (usually 3BP but cost reduced due to Carpenter)

Town Hall 11
Town Hall (22 BP; 1 × 2 city blocks / 12BP due to Castle /11BP due to carpenter): A public venue for town meetings and repository for town records. Halves cost of Barracks,Dump, and Watchtower in same city; Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1.

Town Commons 4
Town Commons (4 BP): A public venue for edits, gallows, gossip, town criers, wanted posters and flea markets. +1 Loyalty.

Dump 2
Dump (4 BP/ 2BP 1/2 due to town hall): A centralized place to dispose of refuse. Stability +1.

Mill 5
Mill (6 BP; must be next to a water border / 5 BP due to carpenter): A building used to cut lumber or grind grain. Economy +1, Stability +1.

Barracks 3
Barracks (8 BP / 3BP 1/2 cost due to town hall/BP due to carpenter): A building to house city guards, militia, and military forces. Defense Modifier +2; Unrest –1.

Garrison 27
Garrison (28 BP; 1 × 2 city blocks): A large building to house armies, train guards, and recruit militia. Halves cost of City Wall, Granary, and Jail in same city; Loyalty +2, Stability +2; Unrest –2.

Granary 5
Granary (12 BP / 6BP due to Garrison / 5 BP due to carpenter): A place to store grain and food. Loyalty +1, Stability +1.

Fletcher 5 Fletcher (6 BP/ 5 BP due to carpenter): An arrow maker and archery supply shop. Economy +1, Stability +1.

Graveyard 4
Graveyard (4 BP): A plot of land to honor and bury the dead. Loyalty +1.

Park 6
Park (6 BP): A plot of land set aside for its natural beauty. Loyalty +1; Unrest –1.

WatchTower 5
Watchtower (12 BP / 6BP 1/2 cost due to town hall/ 5BP due to carpenter): A tall structure that serves as a guard post, defense and landmark. Stability +1; Defense Modifier +2; Unrest –1.

Farms x 5 10
Farms (2 BP in grassland hexes, 4 BP in hill hexes): Grow produce for the people of your kingdom. Farms can only be built in grassland and hill hexes. Reduce Consumption by 2 BP

Keep 14
Keep (30 BP / 15BP due to castle 14BP due to carpenter): A fallback place for defense. Loyalty +1, Stability +1, Defense Modifier +2; limit one per city district.

Millpond 3
Millpond (3 BP; must be in a hex with a river): A millpond is a body of water formed by damming a small river or stream, which provides power for a mill. It often doubles as a fishing lake. A millpond functions as a water border for mills. Loyalty +1.

Tradesman 9
Tradesman (10 BP; must be adjacent to 1 house /9 BP due to carpenter): A shop front for a tradesman, such as a candle maker, cooper, or rope maker. City base value +500 gp; Economy +1, Stability +1

Market 48
Market (48 BP; must be adjacent to 2 houses): An open area for mercantile pursuits, traveling merchants, farm produce, and bargains. City base value +2,000 gp; halves cost of Black Market, Inn, and Shop in same city; 2 minor items; Economy +2, Stability +2.

Shop 3
Shop (8 BP; must be adjacent to 1 house / 4BP due to Market / 3BP due to carpenter): A general store. City base value +500 gp; Economy +1.

Theater 24
Theater (24 BP; 1 × 2 city blocks): A venue for providing entertainment such as plays, operas, concerts, and the like. Halves cost of Brothel, Park, and Tavern in same city; Economy +2, Stability +2.

Aqueduct 3
Aqueduct (3 BP): Wood or stone structure providing freshwater to farms and cities away from rivers and lakes. This building can be in the same hex as any other development. Unrest –1; cities connected to a river via an aqueduct receive a +2 bonus to Stability.

Signal Tower x2 8
Signal Tower (4 BP): Tall structure bearing a bright fire, alerting the kingdom of an emergency. It can be in the same hex as other developments. It cannot be built in a forest +1 Stability.
*Signal towers placed in nearby mountain pass and northern city

297 Total

100 BP from Dwarf’s craftmen
150 BP stuff
95 BP stuff
345 Total

48 Left


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