D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall

The celebration begins

14 Ches, 300 ADW

The Professor, Grog and myself arrived in Dragon Breath this evening. The city has a grand air of celebration. There are vendors and performers of all kinds throughout the city. I met a young boy who recognized me as a knight. I lied to the boy and told him I was one no longer. It has been sometime since I conducted myself as such and I did not feel it right to have the boy look up to me as a role model. His father introduced himself as Raleigh son of Raithe. He was a kind man who looked to have seen many years of hard work. His grip was strong and he gave the impression that he was a man of character. He invited me to stay with him at his cottage outside the city at any time. I plan to take him up on his generous offer if ever I am in the area.

We made camp outside the walls and it was there that we met Emerson Hawkenthorne, Ritter of Black Hall, and his retinue. His companions are not of the highest quality, but the young noble seems to be of good heart. He is on a quest to learn the ways of combat. An honourable task.

15 Ches, 300 ADW

The celebration proper began today. The city is even more abuzz than yesterday. There is good food and games of all kinds. Grog and myself took part in a competition of strength in which I am proud to say I bested him. Once the fanfare proper began, Prince Castor of Moss took to the stage to address the crowd. He spoke of the work done to overthrow the forces of evil during the Dark War. As he spoke tragedy struck.

The ground began to rumble and the stage the prince stood on collapsed. He landed not 20 feet from us. The shaking was enough to knock bricks free from the building surrounding the city square. An even greater tremor struck next. The earth opened and swallowed the prince and my new companions. We slid about 100 feet down below the earth until we reached what appeared to be the ruins of an old complex. The place was damp and unused, covered everywhere with a Red Fungus. The prince was nowhere to be seen.

Exploring the complex we discovered the old ruins of a former keep. There was no way to get out the way wee had come so we pressed on, hoping to find the prince on our way. As we explored we ran into all manner of creatures including giant centipedes, several skeletons commanded by a ghoul and a few breeds of giant spider. The most disturbing discovery was a large double door made of obsidian. This door was inlaid with humanoid bones and would not open despite our best efforts. There also appeared to be no key hole to speak of.

Further investigation led us to find several alchemy labs again covered in the red fungus including what we believe to be the source as it had spores still floating in the air. We took precautions as best we could. Connected to this lab was a room containing 4 statues all facing the centre and all carved from black rock. One held a gem up in it’s right hand. To it’s left another held a carved torch upright in it’s left hand. Next came one holding a silver star with both hands. The last held two torches crossed. We also found a journal indicating that the red fungus appeared to be some sort of disease once developed by the Necrotyr. The author expressed concern releasing it as a cure had yet to be developed.

We identified the statues as representing Kardis, Pharalis, Marfa and Myrii. The statues could turn completely around and we tried manipulating them thinking that perhaps we could cause the great obsidian door to open. It was to no avail and we abandoned the statues for now.

We managed to find a way into a natural cave that Emerson believes may have been an escape route for the hidden keep. These tunnels were covered in spider webs and it was here that we discovered the prince, bound in webs and waiting to become the meal of a few giant spiders. We defeated the spiders and rescued the prince, he however did not look to be well.

We made haste through the tunnels and eventually emerged in the Sage Wood. We made hast back to the Freehold of Dragon Breath, but were waylaid by bandits of the Sons of Fenris. We defeated them and their wolf with much speed and then hastened back to the castle.

Upon our return we brought the prince back to the city where he was rushed off by the palace guard. We were summoned in front of Lord Commander Craiger. He thanked us and told us that his son had been afflicted with some sort of strange disease. We were tested and found to also be infected. Commander Craiger has asked that we return to the keep below to see if we can discover a cure as we have proven capable and sending down more souls to become infected would be a poor choice. We gladly accepted. We now wait to begin our expedition. I did not plan to be swept up in these sort of events, but my sense of duty now compels me to soldier forward. I truely hope the Commander can be spared the loss of his son…



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