D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 13

Road to the Grey Witch

After 6 days – came across a farmstead. 4 people with hearts ripped out. Fight flying stag like creatures.

after 7 days – come upon a wagon and dead bodies that have been hacked to pieces. Emma Fermal – Giliam (her husband) – Valasian Priest of Astryn
Husband and men attacked by horrible dog-like men. Her husband was taken into the woods. Woods are thick and unnaturally dark.
Find a fort where a ritual is being performed. We are unable to stop the ritual and a mist falls nd the fort, knolls etc disappear. A pile of bones remains. Looks like it has been 10 years. Sky looks normal again, it didn’t before

1 day – Make our way to Toral and stay the night. Make our way along edges of Forest of Telos. After 1 day we see a tree closer to us is a old grey tree with a few buds and sparrows. Bark has strange symbols around it’s circumference and the tree is bound in rusty iron chains. Known as the Origin tree and was first tree of the Telos forest. Chains of Kahulian. Said to bind a god. Chains glow orange and counter any spells we cast. We copy down symbols and leave the tree alone.

4 days – Weather turns truly calm and we begin to enjoy ourselves when slades saddle strap comes undone and he falls off his horse. We hear the laughter of children. A while later we take a break and Azaroth finds his waterskin filled with soapy water. Slade finds his wand is missing. Searching he finds the wand in emerson’s pouch. Grogs sword falls and when he bends to pick it up he falls. We keep hearing laughter. Grog sings a song and manages to lure pixies out. They find us funny. They offer to help us go through the forest to the witch. We show them the symbols from the tree and they scream and fly away.

6 days – I wake with a start with the fire in embers. Camp surrounded by stones about 2 feet tall. 30 lbs each. Looks like they have been sculpted to look like us. As the embers flare across the sky we hear wispers. In fire light they appear loosly like us.

2 days – In the wee hours of the night we hear sounds not from our own camp. Band of 5 Ashos (Gypsies) odd for these parts. They invite us to the fire. Strange and egnimatic, but welcoming. We tell Kade (from Cannon) accents. Vadoma, red haired woman, leads them. She pays attention to actions and our words. We share the food they are cooking and I share a bottle of wine. They are dancing and begin to make some odd efeect (presdiditation). Seeing lands of Ardoss everything has been peacful for them and they . Road or journey, begin a quest, that is not for us to know. World is changing omens everywhere, be weary as a dark rider in our shadow, fire burns beneath you and a pain in our future. Piecce of parchment set to flames, terrible signs, left band behind to search for any help they can get. Grey witch is an advisor to the High king. We wake entirlet refreshed despite Card larger than playing card with strange symbols (sort of tarot card) on our beds. From an Ath’ir deck, used for telling fortune.
Slade – Darkness – Ill Omen and sorrowful change
Emerson – The Tower – Isolation
Alathor – The Dragon – Domination and Power
Azeroth – Judgment – Retribution and Condemnatiopn
Redwall – Necromancer – Card of the Forbidden
Grog – Island – Card of location
Marcus – High Priestess – Influence
End up in Cares 8 days later.

Telos is a vast woodland, enchanted, within 5 days of leaving we discover that the forest is incredibly hard to navigate and walk through.

9 days – Weather Akim Voss of Banishan, Jasmin (wife) and Turk (son). Slave presents us food, but spills it. He is whipped.
We puruse his wares. I purchase his slave from him for 150 GP.

We come upon some sort of shrine built into a thicket. There are 2 gaurds. Symbols that match those on our maps. This is a shrine to the 8th Schism (Necromancy).
Dome shaped room inside, smoke fills the room. 30 foot brazier filled with fire. Not logs but something else 6 figures kneeling, 3 perform other tasks. Man stands unhurt in fire. Chanting in horrible language. Bara’Kour, Casic Cult of the last schism.

We reach the edge of Witch lake.
total 49 days.

In the middle of the lake is a large island with a black spiraling tower (The Spiral Tower; looks like twisted rock). The lake is calm like the surface of the mirror. The island is 20 miles into the lake. We begin looking for material for a raft. I throw a rock in the lake. As we are looking around, the lake ripples and a 5-headed hydra emerges.



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