D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 3

Runes in the dark...

18 Ches, 300 ADW

A hallway…the sound of clashing swords…shouts of battle. My head was ringing. What was going on? The whisky had apparently done its job. I charged through the doorway and saw a group of the living dead led by a wight. Despite the blurriness in my eyes, I engaged. We defeated the fiends handily. Searching the room we found various menacing and silvered weapons alongside the old remains of a dwarf.

Exploring further, we found another black door similar to the one we found earlier. In front of the door stood a pedestal covered in the red fungus. Clearing it off we saw a round indentation. Placing the red orb we found in the well beyond the first black door, it sank down into the pedestal and the doors swung slowly open. Beyond we could hear the moans of the undead.

Preparing ourselves, we entered into a cavern lined with pillars and saw the spectre of the dwarf we found earlier standing on a staircase that ascended, seemingly, to nothing. It was Morhigan, the alchemist whose journal we found. His spirit must have become trapped in this place when he was abandoned by his master A’rakar. He raised a fist, summoned more spirits, and attacked. The spirits were troublesome and it took the combined might of our party to banish them once and for all.

When the spirit of Morhigan vanished, luminous runes appeared on the pillars. On a tapestry dedicated to the Gods, the constellation of the Warden of Moss began to glow. A portal formed at the top of the staircase. According to the Professor, there are ten portals. Nine are said to exist in the great cities, with no one knowing where the tenth would come out.

All the information we have points to Old Forge in Tir’Run. So that is where we must go.

24 Ches, 300 ADW

We advised Lord Commander Craiger of our intentions to head to Old Forge. He sent us with his blessing. We decided to head through the Deep Sage Woods to the Black Road which will lead us across the Dragonscale Mountains. The Deep Sage Wood is an old and overrun forest with many dark recesses. Supposedly this wood is haunted.

On the second day we came to a flooded ravine. Grog spoke to a chipmunk, who he somehow understood, who told us that the way around is fast, but warned us of a dangerous wizard living in the area. We decided, rather foolishly, to continue through the woods.

After four days of travel, we came upon a clearing. There was a well made stone house with smooth sides. In the basement there was a door, locked from the outside. Inside we found cages filled with tortured animals. At the back of the basement there were animals turned to stone, as well as creatures mutated by some dark power. The back wall was made of stone arms, legs and faces. They were crying out to be killed or freed. I could do nothing for them…

The wizard came home while we were investigating and locked us into the basement. His name is Grettle Oplan and he and the professor parlayed. He agreed to let us go if we would take an object to the Grey Tower in Thade before the end of the year. As we were completely within the clutches of this powerful being, we agreed. He handed us a small box to take to The Grey Witch at The Grey Tower. He placed a curse on us to ensure we carry out his task.

14 Tarsakh, 300 ADW

It took three-and-a-half weeks until we made the first Old Forge encampment. The travel was faster after we made it out of the accursed woods and onto the Black Road.

From what we know, Old Forge fell some time ago to the denizens of the Underdark, who now inhabit it. Outside the Forge is a high wall and there are dwarven sentries preventing anyone from going in. We were uncomfortable breaking into the Old Forge so we decided to head on to the Great Forge of Rokterre to seek permission from King Rurke, Lord of Rok’Terre. We rented horses and cart and headed on our way.



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