D&D: The Doom of Ardross

The Journal of Sir Morgan Redwall 8

Trouble at Esmorn's Keep

Escape tavern by professor making a distraction
Escape by river to end of river kale where we alert the garison
Take terias pass (7 day journey)
Travel 1 day and make camp. Discuss going after king, but we can’t because of the geiss
At night silent shadow figures approach, leave no tracks but a smell of sulfer
Mid day we find another burned out caravan
Bodies are torn apart, 3 toe footprint, globs of green smoldering substance
Both normal travelers and sons of fenris among the bodies
We reach Harrowden by nightfall. Head to Sojourn inn.
We meet a bard named Marcus Darkbane who is going to Esmorn’s Keep to investigate disappearance of townsfolk 2 weeks ago
Spend next day supplying u. Head out next morning. Reach the keep by midday.
Smoldering puddles and rubble.
We are attacked by aWyvern and 2 black dragon wormlings
Defeat them and head to keep. Find table abandoned mid meal. Covered in dust. Parchment pinned to throne.
Warning that this place is only death
Find a tower with cells, find children and women who say they were immediatley imprisoned by dragonborn
Find rooms with strange plant life. Ancient Symbols of Pharalis (Circle of the Falling Star – Ancient Druid cult)
Find hifdden store room with animated objects (armour, carpets, swords) who attack



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