Grogdak Faroksson

“I’m like a god. I am a god. You cannot offend a god... I'm going down as a legend, whether or not you like me. I am the new Strobad, I am the new Belwas. The old gods are all yesterday’s heroes. I will be one of the gods in the temples of tomorrow.”


Half-Orc, Chaotic Neutral, Barbarian Gladiator. Wielder of the Legendary Greatsword Grenwar

Founding member of the exclusive order the Red Knights of Moss.

One of the Overseers of the city of Val Tannin.


Grogdak was the first born son of a Barbarian Chieftain, but was sold/stolen into slavery when his village (Farok) was swallowed up by Kanon’s expansion/formation. While the official story of the Kanon Elite remains the Tribe inhabiting Farok were peacefully relocated to other region in order to settle the village with the more “civil” populace of Kanon, Grogdak was “unofficially” owned by several nobles in Kanon and forced to fight in gladiatorial fighting pits all around Ardoss.
In the fighting pits, Grogdak was able to build a name for himself, and is even rumoured to have once defeated a Goliath in hand to hand combat. While this seems unlikely, Gogdak is a bit of braggart, and has done nothing to quell the rumours (indeed he may well have started them himself). Regardless of whether or not his victories included defeating a Goliath, Grogdak was eventually able to earn enough gold to buy his freedom. The fact that Grogdak’s former captors disappeared soon after is nothing but one of the many strange coincidences that can occur in a land as large as Ardoss… or that’s the story that Kanon authorities went with after they couldn’t collect enough evidence to bring Grogdak to trial.
Covered in scars from years of gladiator combat, Grogdak is a minor celebrity within some circles, and is happiest when crushing his enemies and drinking in seedy the taverns of Ardoss. While Grogdak is quick to anger, the early years he spent as the son of minor noble are still clear today as he (relatively) well educated for a former Barbarian gladiator.
Grogdak has no idea what became of his father and brothers (or the rest of Farok), and though he wants to find them and reclaim his town and birthright, he is no detective and has all but given up hope of living the life of a Chieftain that was once his destiny. Though his desire for vengeance against Kanon has not diminished with time he understands that he must bide his time, less the full might of the region be brought against him.
Grogdak is a natural showman, and loves to be the centre of attention (sometimes to his own detriment). Grogdak never misses the chance to steal the spotlight, and will hold on to it for as long as he can by whatever means are at his disposal.

Grogdak Faroksson

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