Chronicles of Professor Slade

25 AUG/17
As we prepared for the journey to witch lake, I had a few last minute items to take care of in Val’Tannen. One of those items was to ensure that the local historian, Letholodus Keen, focused his archaeological work on the area around the ruins of the old tower. It is my goal to rebuild this tower and to do so I want to make sure any pieces of history is preserved. I offered to fund his research if he moved to this section of the old city.

The journey to witch lake took 49 days. We ran into several odd encounters on our travel. We fought a winged beast, attacked by dog men (knowls) who had captured a man and sacrificed him – only to realize the entire encounter was some kind of illusion. We came across a druid tree called the “Origin Tree”. It was wrapped in a magical chain with strange symbols on it. (Note to self – I believe my old Elven friend Turgon of Old Wood would know about these symbols) . We had some trouble with pixies and finally came to witch lake. Here we were attacked by a hydra. Note on hydra’s – fire is the way to deal with them.

21 JULY/17
We came across a black slab of rock with a great sword indent in it. Surprisingly Grog’s sword fit perfectly in it. We heard a grinding sound of something opening in the far distance of the mine. It makes me wonder how old this mine actually is. We did come across several images of a barbarian tribe fighting an evil force, this suggests that maybe Grog’s tribe was one that was here long ago. Perhaps this was a staging ground for their tribe? The mystery of the Necrotyr gets more interesting, we also found a journal in a secret room that suggests there was once a great alliance of barbarian tribes that banded together to fight the forces of the Necrotyr. It seems like our group is connected to recent troubles more than we think.

23 JUNE/17
As we woke up, I came to realize that we were locked deep in the mine. For a couple of days were were forced to work the mine, mining Mithril. On the second day, I managed to grab a sliver of the mithril and get it to the Marcus the bard. Later, Marcus was able to pick the lock of our cage and we made our way out into the mine. Luckily, we found our gear locked away in one of the rooms. From there we continued our escape by using a strange black powder which Marcus identified as something that would explode when it comes in contact with fire. A giant boulder was blocking the exit, we used this powder to blow it up, allowing us to escape. We encountered vampires who worshiped the death god Licar. Before we were able to completely escape this level of the mine, we ran into the women who was standing next to Arakar at Old Forge and Errendal, Emerson’s brother. She made a comment about the “The Heir’s of Vos’Ken’Thar” referring to Red Wall. Errendal was defeated, but not killed. We now have him bound and will be taking him along with us. What could go wrong with that?

26 MAY/17
To please the scoundrel Stewart of Valtannin, our party set out on a missing to deal with the barbarian hordes. While the mission went extremely well, and we came up with a plan to deal with them in order to stop them from advancing any further south, Emerson ruined everything. Emerson’s brother was playing a part in this conflict, and rather than waiting to confront him until after our plan was put in place, Emerson decided to sneak off and alert the enemy of our presence. Sure enough, as we set out to warn the Kooth, a neighboring barbarian tribe, we were attacked, captured and woke up in a mine, a MINE! This is something that I shall not forgive or FORGET!

We did find out a few key pieces of information on what’s happening:

1. Meg’s power in Dragon’s Breath is great – he’s evil
2. Emerson’s brother – Erendal – is trying to reclaim lands once ceded to Moss. He’s brokered a deal with the barbarians of the area
3. The absence of the Lord Commander is concerning, considering Meg has been mentioned as being a part of this plan

28 APR/17
Val’Tannin – The Valley of the Dragon
Having arrived in Val’Tannin, and what we thought would be a warm welcome, turned out to be the opposite. While the situation was smoothed over for now, we are yet to be recognized as the lords of Val’Tannin. Hopefully word from the princess will reach the Steward soon. This is an interesting village built upon what used to be a thriving city. Ruins extend for miles and the thought of learning more about these ancient ruins excites me. It was good to hear that a fellow scholar from the University of Allen is here working to unlock these secrets. Before we set out again I will speak to Mr. Keen and see what he has discovered so far.

31 MAR/17
The Circle of the falling star
I fear dark times lie ahead of us. I only hope we can piece together what is happening before it is too late. While we are forced to journey north, we’ve yet uncovered another piece of the puzzle, Pharalis and the Circle of the Falling Star. An ancient druid circle, yet it seems connected what has happened to us since the celebration in Moss.

3 MAR/17
Cure for the Red Blight
The Red Blight, while our affliction has been cured and the Prince of Moss is on the mend, it seems like this problem is over, or is this just the beginning of something more terrifying for Ardross?
If the Necrotyr is back, why now? Why wait 300 years? If he has gathered his full strength and is preparing to move against the free lands, then we must all be worried.

10 DEC/16
Brotherhood of the Searing Star
It seems the Brotherhood of the Searing Star pursued the evil Necrotyr who developed this red blight. I’d like to learn more about their mission. Our quest so far is showing us glimpses of the past and also the actions of someone in present time, someone or something is moving its pieces into position. History seems to be repeating itself, however, only we seem to be aware of this. Our travels along the road to Rok’Terre brought us little information and no travelers seem to be aware of this blight that is sweeping the lands.

The Searing Star – does it begin or end with stars – Stars…its all about the stars.

11 NOV/16
Grettle Oplan
We should have known as we approached a cabin deep in the sage woods. Calm weather, no traps and not an animal in sight. Grettle Oplan is a powerful Wizard and should be avoided at all cost. Our bumbling around nearly costed us our lives. Strange creatures, pieced together in misery, and now, we are forced to to work for him, we are nothing more than servants. Though why such a powerful man needs our help to make a delivery is unknown to me at this time.

9 NOV/16
The search for Professor Emeritus Arah Jhaldraph

“The doom of Ardross my yet return. Does it begin or end with stars.” – What an interesting puzzle my old friend. With recent events I can’t help but realize that you might have been onto something. I’m following the signs to the best of my ability, and in time I hope to meet with you to discuss this in person. I’m travelling with honorable compatriots, I believe this mystery has gathered their interest. Your search for the true history of the Dark Kingdom has revealed the horrible underbelly of our past. Things long forgotten seem to be waiting in the darkness. But waiting for what? As I write this I can only hope that I can find you in the coming days so we may figure this out together.

Letter from dead college Professor Emeritus Arah Jhaldraph
[[File:734506 | class=media-item-align-none | Letter.jpg]]

My Dear Professor Slade;

I have been on my study sabbatical for almost a year now and I fear I may not be able to return. My studies have brought me here to the Grand Freehold of Dragon Breath, though I have visited many places before ending up here. I am most certainly being followed.

My career has for as long as I can remember been concerned with uncovering the history of the Dark Kingdom, and I have made some amazing discoveries, things that may shake the very foundations of the great peace we now enjoy. Yet, my research may not see the light of day, for a dark Knight follows me, and where he travels only sorrow lives.

I am sending this letter to you as you are perhaps the only other member of the faculty that can understand the significance of this information and take the action necessary to do learn from it, to learn more and to make use of the accursed information.

My most trusted boy has been charged with ensuring this correspondence arrives to your hands only, and though he is dedicated I do not know if he will be allowed to make it back to Allan to deliver it, for always agents of this dark Knight are watching. As such, if he does manage to make it to you I cannot provide you all of the answers here. Sorry my friend, all I can do is as you a single question, and hope it is enough for you to continue these most important studies.

“The doom of Ardross my yet return. Does it begin or end with stars.”

I trust in you and only you my dear Slade. If you do not hear from me again and choose to take up this question, I implore you, do not do it alone. There is grave danger ahead, you will need allies in this quest, and I pray the answers, when they come, are not as dire as I now currently suspect.

In Hope;

Professor Emeritus Arah Jhaldraph

Chronicles of Professor Slade

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