The History Skill

In an attempt to keep the game balanced, but also allow a little more diversity in our characters the following house rule will be used:

Any character proficient in the History skill will have to choose a History focus. This focus is the area of History that the character has actually studied. A focus may be chosen from the following list (if you want something and it’s not in this list let me know, I am still tweaking this list):

Legendary Figures and Events
Local History – chosen for a specific nation or racial group of Ardross
Military History / History of Warfare
Lost and Ancient Civilizations
Dungeons of Ardross
Engineering and Architecture
Nobility and Government
Guilds and Organizations

It is important to note that all magical knowledge falls under the Arcane Skill, all religious knowledge falls under the Religion Skill, geography knowledge falls under the Survival Skill.

The History Skill

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